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I began dancing when my friend dragged me kicking and screaming to a local Modern Jive class in Kent but after my first class I was absolutely hooked. I soon began going 8 days a week and started learning other styles, including Salsa and West Coast Swing.

With a love for travel I also spent a couple of years in Australia learning all I could about Modern Jive, competing, performing and coming back with some trophies to boot. I even had my first lesson from Jordan and Tatiana in Sydney, instantly hooking me on the fun, expressive dance that is West Coast Swing. Always pushing myself, I love to learn, love to dance and love to meet people, what better way is there?



I grew up in Poland, hence my unpronounceable full name ;) - Agnieszka Maczka. When I was a little girl I wanted to be many things including (but not limited to...) a princess, singer, ice skater, gymnast etc. Changing my mind every 5 minutes, which used to drive my mum up the wall. I had however always wanted to dance, a dream that finally came true when I went to my first Modern Jive class in London. I instantly fell in love with Modern Jive, and then later West Coast Swing and haven't stopped dancing since.


I partnered with Kevin in 2010 and we have been teaching together ever since. Teaching gives me a great deal of satisfaction as it is such a joy to play an active part in people's progress and watch them begin to love the dance as much as I do.

Oh you also want to know if we're any good? Oh go on then... As a couple we have previously won 8x Modern Jive Open Freestyle and 6x Modern Jive Showcase Championship titles. We both currently compete individually in the All Star Category in West Coast Swing and have placed together in routine divisions in both Europe and the U.S. We're also fully accredited teachers with the LeRoc Modern Jive Federation and GPDIA qualified teachers of West Coast Swing.

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