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"Kevin and Aggie's classes are both fun and challenging; they always leave you feeling charged up and like you've learnt something new whilst also aching not only from the workout but from laughing along with them too! Despite being Champ's in what they do, they are down to earth and you can feel at ease joining in with their classes as well as asking for advice or a dance afterwards. What I enjoy most is their enthusiasm and cheerful nature, how they are always joking with one another and the class, and how their classes are always just a bit different from your general intermediate class. I've also done Advanced classes with them which I struggled with at first but found them both to be very helpful and supportive" Kathryn

"Kevin and Aggie always make an effort to great and encourage newcomers to class to make them feel more involved and both are always happy to answer questions during the freestyle. As a male lead, it is difficult to find other leads who not only dance at the highest level but also provide inspiration to others. Kevin has really opened my eyes to a whole range of moves and styling techniques that have helped push my dancing to a more advanced level." Mark

"I always enjoy Kev and Aggie's lessons because they really work on improving the 'styling' of both partners and whilst they have a good attention to detail, the lesson never feels nit picky or slow. They manage to challenge and improve your skill whilst making it fun and accessible, by no means a small feat. I also love the elegance and style with which they dance themselves and I have no doubt that they can really help me improve as a dancer" Naomi

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